Bakuchiol is in high demand by consumers all over the world. But there’s only one 99%+ pure Bakuchiol that’s REACH registered and backed by peer-reviewed research: Sytenol® A.

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In a study published in the British Journal of Dermatology, UC-Davis dermatologists conclude that Sytenol® A Bakuchiol matches the established benefits of retinol.

The standard in purity & safety

When your customers need a real alternative to retinol, Sytenol® A Bakuchiol is the only validated choice. As a natural, well-defined compound with >99% purity, Sytenol® A Bakuchiol is stable in formulation, easy to formulate with, and has been shown to stabilize retinol.

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Sytheon is a research-backed developer of high-performance active ingredients for the personal care industry, supported by firsthand clinical data and vast technical expertise. With our selection of multifunctional ingredients, you can create formulas that are simpler, more effective, and more sustainable.

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Sytenol® A is The Real Bakuchiol that reduces wrinkles, photoaging and hyperpigmentation as efficiently as retinol, but with a better skin tolerance.